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We have a team of certified in-house resume writers who have experience in multiple industries. We connect each client with a resume-writing expert for his industry.

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Popular job profiles summary

Our certified resume writers, including certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters and professionals with specialised experience of multiple industries ensures that we can match each client expectations with an expert who is a strong match for their needs.
  • Accountant

    Highly-motivated, deadline-committed, goal-driven accountant with over 7 years of experience. Proven track record of excellence. Some of my core skills include taxation, regulatory compliance, budgeting and forecasting. Supervised internal and external audit. Adept at analytics and in-depth reporting service. An engaging team-player who also acts as a motivator.
  • Business analyst

    Top-performer, organized, and goal-driven. 8 years of experience in working with key stakeholders and liaising between technical and managerial levels. Skilled at using data-modelling to build competitive advantage.
  • Data analyst

    Skilled data analyst with 5+ years of experience. Proficient in analytical tools to ensure optimization and building solution models. Received highest accolades for using advanced computing methodologies and accurate projections. Enthusiastic team-player who has a knack for mathematics, statistics, analytics, and sports.
  • Content developer

    Highly creative and industrious content developer. Experienced in creating engaging content. Conducts detailed research and adept at compiling information. Skilled at writing SEO-friendly and targeted content. Can handle different sorts of projects at the same time. Sensitive, empathetic, and respectful to a wide variety of online communities. Can work independently as well as in a team.
  • Product manager

    Meticulous and organized product manager. 10 years of experience in improving UX measure through customer requirement, addressing pain-points. Oversaw brand launch with 35% revenue surplus. Proven track record of cost saving. Passionate about delivering growth and sustainability to business. Warm and cheerful personality, known for successfully mentoring.
  • Marketing manager

    A dynamic and highly motivated individual with more than 10 years of experience in developing and executing strategies for new launches. Proven record of optimization of leads and contribution to the overall 20% growth. Specializes in inbound strategies. Keen for product launch management for start-up. Well- networked, enthusiastic team player.
  • Software developer

    Award-winning web-developer with 7 years of experience in HTML, CSS, LAMP. My main interests are object-oriented and user-centered design. Highly accomplished in manipulating visual hierarchy. A regular contributor to system enhancement. A trainer who successfully motivated a group of young developers into getting highest accolades for their recent endeavors.
  • Customer relationship manager

    5+ years experience in customer relationship and account management. Adept at marketing automation and Salesforce automation. Proven track record of reversing customer pain points, especially during checkout. Team-player and an enthusiastic go-getter. Outgoing individual with a pleasant personality.
  • Solutions architect

    Result-oriented solution architect with 6 years of experience in leading public sector clients. Skilled at design, implementation, and testing. Proven track record of successful data penetration.
  • Machine learning engineer

    Top-performing machine learning engineer with 6+ year of experience in quality data management and accuracy by leveraging MATLAB, Python, R, Java, C++. Proven track record of designing prototypes of complex machine learning. Adept at data mining and big data analytics. Passionate about leading product development teams.
  • Digital marketer

    Result-focused, meticulous, and detail-oriented digital marketer with 5+ years of experience. Proven track record of driving 55% of web-traffic through digital marketing campaigns. Extensive digital industry knowledge leveraged to successfully run SEO and content campaigns. Contributed to customer gain and gave the employer the unbeatable competitive advantage.
  • Data security analyst

    A highly accomplished data security analyst with over a decade of experience in monitoring data network incidents. Skilled at NIST framework, HIPPA & HITECH standards. Proven track record of identifying emerging technology capabilities. Adept at disaster recovery implementation. Accustomed to all protocols, regulations, policies, and safety rules. Assists and mentors data security inductees with administrative and protocols.
  • Business intelligence analyst

    A meticulous and goal-driven business intelligence analyst with 3 years of experience as an assistant in fixed income management team. Adept at leveraging QlikView and SQL for extracting insights. Proven track record of reducing processing time by 75%. Multi-functional team-player with extensive marketing exposure.
  • Teacher

    Committed to the cause of education. Highly-skilled PBL and CBL academician with proven ability to formulate a comprehensive curriculum. Experienced in administering both formative and summative evaluation.
  • Social media manager

    Social media manager with experience in brand revival and reputation management. I take extra precaution to ensure conversion and build brand loyalists. Skilled at Google Analytics, Adsense, and all popular social media tools.
  • Project manager

    Enthusiastic team-builder with 8 years of experience in attaining detailed projects. Top-performer and motivator who has the added advantage of technology as leverage to achieve timely results. Proven track record of sticking to objectives and making the most out of available resources.
  • Financial management consultant

    Specialist risk-assessor who can provide key insights to avert even imminent threats. Certified IAS, GAAP, IFRS compliance reporter with 9 years of industry experience.
  • Sales representative

    An energetic and enthusiastic sales executive, assisting customers for the past 6 years to find what they are looking for. My skills include assessing prospects, making most of the available options, and closing a profitable deal. I also take on follow-up roles as and when required.
  • IT

    Seeking a beginner’s role to explore and enhance my technical knowledge gained at University in the last four years. I hold a B.Tech from XYZ college and won the start-up challenge at the campus.
  • Operation manager

    Negotiation expert and skilled in cost-management and containment. Effective leader who can optimize production and streamline operation.
  • HR manager

    Skilled in talent acquisition. Special ability to negotiate terms. Proven professional with extensive interest and experience of 8 years. Skilled at addressing high attrition rates.
  • Insurance advisor

    Committed to helping claimants find the right insurance coverage suited to their needs. Takes special interest in promoting comprehensive coverage. Rewarded for having unique sale’s pitch. Looking for a challenging and exciting opportunity.
  • Doctor

    A meritorious student with high CGPA. Adept and follow standard protocol. Trauma Specialist. Strategizes follow-up care plan. Committed to delivering quality health care.
  • Lawyer

    Highly meritorious law student. Honors graduate with high-class distinction. Enthusiastic, hard-working, and dedicated to the cause of justice. Seeking position of legal advisor. Willing to relocate.

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