Writing a Resume that Actually Gets You Your Dream Job
February 3, 2017


Writing a resume that gets a good turnout is everything we want. Going to apply for a federal job? Things become more tough and complicated. If you are interested to work in government posts, your traditional short resume will not meet the sober requirements of a federal job. In this article, we will tell you everything that is essential to know about writing a federal resume.

What is a Federal Resume?

You need to submit a specified, resume that depicts unique features in a comprehensive manner. A federal resume is a totally different game. The features like resume format to the page length will be changed in this scenario. It is a comprehensive way to showcase your work experience, educational career, and any additional diploma. The federal resume is designed to meet the expectations of federal hiring managers. However, like a traditional resume, it still contains your personal information and background.

How to write a Federal Resume?

It is going to be the entry ticket for the federal sector job. So, it is the key tool that will assist to be dominated. The federal resume is going to be lengthy, like a traditional resume is of 1-2 pages’ length. But, the federal resume mostly consists of 6-7 pages. You have to add additional information, including security clearance, citizenship status, and federal salary grade. These mentioned features will help the hiring manager to shortlist you for different specific positions in the federal sector.

These are the key strands that you should mention in a federal resume:

Mention your detailed contact information. It is the most important strand in your resume. It should include the detailed information like full name, contact number, email addresses, and address. Never forget to mention your permanent and temporary postal address. It will help you out with the vetting process.

Never forget to tell about your citizenship status. No matter either you are a citizen of a nation or you are an overseas person, you must include citizenship status in your resume. There are different citizenship policies in every country for federal sector jobs. So, it will help in your identification.

Mention educational history. This is the same thread as the traditional resume. Here is some difference, you have to dig up the detail of your degrees. Like you are going to explain the educational background, including GPA, date of degree initiation and completion, credit hours of the subject, and other additional information. So, we can say that federal job hiring managers want it all.

List your GS grade. It is important to mention for all those candidates who are continuing a federal job. It means they are now applying for higher grade posts. All the government jobs are integrated with a grading system that ranges from 1 to 15. This whole grade process is completed in 10 total steps. So, you have to mention your highest GS grade on the federal resume.

Mention Optional Threads

Apart from the basic strands, you can go for the optional threads. Here are the following threads:
• Additional diploma or training
• Volunteer work history
• Location
• Security clearance
• References
• Languages
• Personal publications

Final Verdict:
During the application process, your resume goes through different hands and they score it. You must write a federal resume in such a way to get the highest score among all candidates. If you are not sure as how to do it, you may take the help of

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