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February 3, 2017
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July 22, 2020


In the current era, finding a job has become tougher. The competition in the market has tightened up the opportunities and people are not getting a deserving job. Though the market may run short of jobs, the improper introduction of a candidate could be one of the reasons for jobs not reaching out to the deserving candidate. The best way to avoid such a situation is to get your CV or resume prepared by an expert like Let’s discuss this a bit deeper.

Why CV/resumes are Important?

CV or curriculum vitae is the summary of an individual’s entire professional life to date. It depicts each and every career-oriented act that has been played and hence, It is very important for you to mention each and every detail in your CV. The question is, how to place everything in order to get your profile shortlisted?

Tips to Write an Effective Resume

A well-thought resume contains a good list of necessary aspects. The details it carries should have an actual connection with your profession. A software professional should not include accolades provided for a singing competition, though it could be a part of the hobbies’ column. There could be a number of objects in your resume. The below list carries some must-to-have in resume elements:

  • Objective – Clear goal w.r.t. position applied
  • Highlights – Accolades and achievements to date
  • Experience – Complete list of experiences along with details about each job
  • Education – This should be mentioned in reverse chronological order i.e. starting from the latest one

Though you can always mention these details in your resume, it is highly recommended to get your resume prepared by professional resume writers. This will not just give you better visibility but will also enhance your chances of getting selected.

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